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We would greatly appreciate your feedback on these tools.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey.


Communicating and Engaging with a Person who has Dementia:  This document is intended for friends, family and neighbours to help them feel more comfortable in their interactions with someone who has dementia.  Click here to download for printing.  

Let me Re-Introduce Myself: This document is intended to be completed by the person with dementia in order to share their story with their support network.  This form can be completed the electronically or printed.  Click here to download for printing or to fill in on-line.

Caregiver Tips: 10 easy ways you can support caregivers.

The Person I am with has Dementia CardThese business size cards are customizable and can either be printed at home or ordered on-line via Vistaprint.  The cards are intended to provide discrete information to people you come in contact with who might need further information about your companion with Dementia. We have printed cards that you can pick up at the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary: 800, 7015 Macleod Trail SW.

Print at home on paper or cardstock: If you would like to print the document on paper and cut it out at home, click here

Print at home on Blank Business Cards: Purchase Avery 8371 or Staples Item #610381 for inkjet printers OR Avery 5371 for laser printers.  Download the avery template file here.   It should download into your “downloads” file where you can find it for the next step.  You don’t need this document to open.  Next, download instructions here.

Order cards from Vistaprint: To customize and order cards from Vistaprint, download instructions here.

In Case of Emergency and Carer Cards: Print this card and put it in your wallet or purse. The carer card will alert people that you are a caregiver and provides contact information for people who will know what to do if you are unable to care for your person. The “In Case of Emergency Card” will let people know who to contact for help if you are unable to respond.

Conversation Cafe Postcard: We have postcards available for pick up at the Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary (800, 7015 Macleod Trail SW). Click here for a pdf that you can use to print one.

Considering Private Care:  Are you considering hiring care for a loved one with a dementia diagnosis?  Here are some questions you may like to consider.  Click here to download the form for printing.

Resource Guide: What is Dementia?

Resource Guide: Caregiving

Resource Guide: Planning and Preparation