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What we’re contributing to.

As with any initiative intent on transforming a system, it is difficult – if not impossible – to “determine the extent to which the changes that emerge in a community are attributable to the activities of the would-be change makers or to some other non-intervention factors” (Cabaj, 2014). Rather than focus on whether or not particular impacts will be attributable to the work of Dementia Network Calgary, the focus is on making a significant contribution to the following impacts by working to achieve the strategic goal.


Effective support of people impacted by dementia has lessened the burden on the healthcare system.

  • People impacted by dementia are healthier

  • Dementia is recognized as a critical issue for policy makers

  • Governments make appropriate investments to mitigate the effects of the looming dementia issue

Calgary is recognized as a dementia-inclusive community.

  • Sense of community is enriched

  • Everyday life in the community is better for people impacted by dementia

  • People impacted by dementia are healthier

Ultimately, these will culminate in the primary impact: Quality of life in Calgary and Area is improved.