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The Calgary Parks Foundation is exploring the concept of a Dementia-Inclusive Park in Calgary. This would be the first public dementia park in Canada! Click HERE to read Alberta Prime Time’s article.

What is Dementia?

Looking For Further Information? Check out the links below. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, send us a message here.

Dementia Friends Canada

A national awareness and public engagement initiative with an aim is to create a more aware and informed Canadian population to dispel myths and reduce stigma about dementia. Find more information here.

Map of Services in Calgary

For a list of organizations by type, please click on the icon in the top left on the map below:

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  • Support groups (maroon)
  • Adult Day Programs (blue)
  • Supportive Living (red)
  • Independent Living with Supports (green)
  • Home Care (purple)
  • Overnight Respite (yellow)