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An effective, facilitated, dialogue-based process.

Dementia Network Calgary’s Steering Committee engaged in a process called, Integral Strategy, which was developed by David Forrest “to create collaborative strategies for systemic change in a variety of multi-stakeholder settings” (Integral Strategy, 2014).

Through a series of facilitated workshops and a community open house, Dementia Network Calgary co-created a Strategy Roadmap that illustrates the pathways to achieving the shared strategic goal. The Calgary Foundation, United Way of Calgary and Area, and The Flames Foundation for Life provided the funding to support this collaborative process and the resultant roadmap.


(Small Scale)

The Strategy Roadmap illustrates the pathways to achieving the strategic goal of the Calgary community as a supportive, innovative environment where people impacted by dementia can live life well. For a downloadable version of the Strategy Roadmap, please click here.