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Convening cross-sector stakeholders.

Dementia Network Calgary is a growing group of knowledgeable, capable, and passionate individuals from across public, private and nonprofit sectors in Calgary and area with an interest in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Created in 2013, it is based on a collective impact model,¬†an innovative approach to tackling complex social and systemic issues, which requires the coordinated efforts of cross-sector stakeholders.

With the rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in the local community and the complexity of this dementia challenge, a need to create a group of people and organizations that can collectively identify the challenging questions that surround dementia and implement shared solutions that benefit our entire community was identified.

Dementia Network Calgary was created in response to this critical need; embracing an approach that spans the traditional boundaries of sector and discipline, and intentionally cultivates collaboration across multiple sectors. Today, Dementia Network Calgary includes representatives from the following stakeholder groups:

  • Families/ care partners;

  • Private and public care facilities;

  • Non-profit service providers;

  • Community organizations;

  • Health services;

  • Post-secondary institutions; and

  • Government.

Strategic Council

Now that the foundational work is complete, the Dementia Network has transitioned to a slightly different structure including a Strategic Council with a mandate of advocacy to inspire change at a systems level.

Current (November 2019) members of the Strategic Council include:

  • Barb Ferguson, Alzheimer Society of Calgary

  • Dr. David Hogan, University of Calgary

  • Dr. Gwen McGhan, University of Calgary

  • Lisa Poole, Care Partner

  • Diane Rennie, Communications Strategist (Chair)

  • Sian Jones, City of Calgary

  • Lesley Myles, Alberta Health Services

  • Elizabeth Kidd, Kidd Communications

  • Kimberly O’Brien, United Active Living
  • Nancy Hughes, Bethany Care Society

  • Heather Hayes, United Way of Calgary and Area

A thank you to our generous supporters.

Thank you to the following organizations that have generously provided funding. This support enables Dementia Network Calgary to continue its work on behalf of people impacted by dementia.